VIP Pony Home Visit Experience

A truly unique Pony Party experience.

This is a real, personalised birthday gift and one that will never be forgotten.


With one of these tailored visits, you will have a pony arrive at your OWN house for your son or daughter's special day.

They may have this wonderful experience all to themselves, or share with one other friend. For one hour but we may run over time as we do not like to rush the children.

There's so much to learn about ponies and pony care, but with this unique concentrated, instructional but fun experience, they can learn so much and how to do things correctly and safely.

Right from the moment the pony arrives, your child will be involved, from unloading the pony off the trailer, then leading the pony to the garden or yard area. They will be taught how to tie the pony safely, how to groom the pony correctly using all the different items of the grooming kit, clean out the hooves and then learn how to tack up (put on the saddle and bridle) by themselves. But they may have just as much fun decorating the pony with pretty clips and ribbons instead before the riding starts!


They will then receive a private one-to-one riding session, either going out for a ride in their local area or staying in the garden and have a more tuition based session with learning how to ask the pony to walk, to balance, to steer and stop the pony correctly, and then even experience going a little faster, and being taught how to do the rising trot.

After a lovely riding session, they then learn how to untack the pony, brush off again, then prepare the pony to load back on to the trailer to drive home. This can also include 'mucking out' of the trailer if you want them to!


This will be a really wonderful 'never forget' one off experience. Both parents and child can be involved and can ask as many questions and take as many photos as they like. Included in this informative session will also be all the 'pros and cons' of owning a pony. This not only informs the parent of what to expect if they ever decide to go down this pony owning route, but also will give the child a very realistic insight of what is involved, it's not all fluffy and fun owning ponies! We have plenty of advice and experiences to talk about.

For children aged 2 years - 10 years old



plus travel over 15 miles from Thriplow