Meet the Ponies


Our herd of horses and ponies are our pets, they live with us at home and really belong to our children. They go for nice walks, they come into the garden, and sometimes even into the house (if we don't tell Dad).  They go to Pony Club and local shows with us and our friends. At home they live together with our other animals and are happiest when they are all together as a herd.


Not all of them are suitable for the pony parties, so we only list here the ones that are likely to visit you.

Honey Bee

Honey Bee is one of the most loved party ponies. She is cheeky, safe with little ones on the lead rein, and fearless. Her favourite thing is going out for a walk. She is forward going, but safe with it and jolly. We call her Whizzy Honey Bee at home. She goes to Pony Club with our children and her second favourite thing is jumping. She is 10hh and a strawberry roan Shetland X Dartmoor pony. She is 14 years old.

Peter Peanut

Peter Peanut is a 9hh palomino Shetland pony. He is 18 years old. He is wide-eyed, very pretty and extremely quiet to handle by small children. He is the most vocal of all the ponies and regularly winnies and chats whenever we approach him. Although nearly the smallest, he reigns as KING of the herd, rarely exercising his authority, but steps in when required. He has all the other ponies' respect and adoration


Thimble is our tiniest pony at just 31" high. She came to us on long term loan as she 'preferred people to horses", which she certainly does! She's obviously been treated very kindly as she adores human company, especially children. There's nothing she loves more than being gently stroked and brushed by tiny hands. She went 'viral' earlier this year, after we uploaded a video of her playing with our labrador puppy running in and out of the garden on a frosty day. You can see the link below. The video was receiving comments of delight from Florida and Iceland!


Angel is our cheeky skewbald miniature Shetland pony. She is a retired brood mare and is 26 years old. She is 32" high and is not suitable for riding as she is prone to suddenly changing to her own agenda... We love her nevertheless and although the smallest of the herd, she has the largest character and it is often her who instigates the herd play time! 

Little Pigwigs

Pigwigs was our oldest and dearest pony. She was very sadly put to sleep on 22nd March 2016. She was 27 years old and we had cared for her for 19 years. She had been all through the pony club with our children and once jumped a 3' fence! There is a big hole in our hearts where she once was. RIP little Pigwigs.

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